Voiceability Workshops
Voiceability Workshops
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The Hartree project team have partnered with Voiceability, an independent charity and advocacy organisation, to deliver two workshops for Cambridgeshire-based members of the Speak Out Council. The workshops took place in September 2022 and May 2023 and examined how to design and build communities, homes and public spaces that are genuinely inclusive and accessible.

The first session examined the early-stage plans and sought feedback from individuals with mental and physical disabilities, as well as support workers and carers. This session allowed the team to gain insights into the day-to-day experiences of these individuals and understand the specific considerations that should be taken into account when advancing the designs for Hartree. 

At the second session, the group delved into three key areas of the proposals: the design of buildings and homes; the development of public spaces and streets; and travel and mobility aspects across the site. Participants shared their perspectives and outlined clear interventions that the team will take forward into the next stage of design. The insights gathered will also influence the development of the project’s overarching strategies, including the travel plan. 

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