Public Engagement Launch
Public Engagement Launch
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In March 2022, the project team unveiled the public launch of the Hartree project.

The key priority was to gather feedback from the community at this early stage, ensuring that their input shaped the proposals right from the outset. During this phase, the team sought feedback on the emerging Vision and Values, as well as Hartree’s 5-minute neighbourhood approach.

Despite the challenges of the Covid-19 lockdown, the team adapted their engagement activity and adopted a hybrid approach. This involved various methods such as distributing postcards, hosting webinars, launching an interactive online engagement platform, and organising a cargo-bike roadshow throughout North East Cambridge.

Through these engagements, the team discovered that the top five desired features for the 5-minute neighbourhoods were cafes, open and green spaces, sports facilities, food stores/supermarkets, and a swimming pool. Regarding Hartree's Promises and Values, the most significant value identified by the community was 'Shaped by Many,' closely followed by 'Street Life' and 'Open to All.'

By actively involving the community and incorporating their feedback, the team are dedicated to ensuring that Hartree is shaped by the collective voices of the community.

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